Hi, I’m Elise Stanfield….I am an Individual and Team Development Coach here at 2theCORE…. I’m also, a mom, wife, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt and friend to many. Just like you, I wear LOTS of hats each and every day!  I juggle lots of activities, children, and just plain stuff and many days I juggle well.  Other days, not so much!  I say this, because, I’m very much like you…except…I have a mission!  Maybe you do too…awesome!!  Keep pursuing!  If not, I’d love to help!!

My mission, you ask?  I’m on a mission to Engage, Equip and Empower others to uncover their true potential and pursue their unique purpose by cultivating relationships and igniting change.

Here’s why…I became quite passionate at a young age in a persistent search for my own unique purpose when my parents divorced at age 13, because I knew I was created for MORE than my circumstances.  I think I read every self-help book out there trying to figure out my purpose and who I really was!  However, at age 32 something clicked and one big puzzle piece fell into place, that was my faith and where I draw strength from daily.  At age 35, after taking a personality profile called the PEP, I began to finally understand who I really am.  I…am…WIND/FIRE!!!!  I was trying so desperately to live as an Earth/Water…totally opposite!!  (You can find out more if you click those hyper links.)  Then, I went to a workshop and discovered what I’m really passionate about, I call that belly fire!!  And I created my mission statement and developed a vision for my life.  Now, I have a strong desire to share what I learned and continue to learn along the way.

I believe at the core of every person are two things…an authentic self and a unique purpose.  My goal, hope, desire, is to help you uncover, recover, discover, what that is for you!

I’d LOVE to work with you…contact me for more info!! :)