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College Freshman – Room Mates Mom

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No helicoptering, no decisions made, no irrational weird mom overprotection, rather, two women, getting to know one another as we are letting go of our first borns.

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Senior Son – College Freshman – Graduation Party

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…growing up is hard whether adult or kid, however, life is better connected to community.

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Senior Son – Twenty. Four. Hours.

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tomorrow, at 10am, Senior Son becomes College Freshman! ….and the story continues!!! ūüėČ

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Senior Sons last week of highschool

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I seriously feel like an emotional basket case. Is this normal? Holy crap! I would consider myself a slightly emotional person with a lot of fire who basically¬†can logically move through life. Well, this isn’t computing I don’t guess and it has me all ramped up emotionally. It takes a lot to get me teary; mostly because I can categorize things and make sense of life events. I rarely cry because it just doesn’t make sense to me. May sound odd, however, I get contemplative, but seldom feel emotions prompting tears. Also, I look like a frog and my face contorts in awesome ways so I try to limit the exposure of tears especially to others for such reason. Regardless, I’m at a loss of how to handle this emotion. It’s odd. I keep trying to blame it on 40 year old hormones, but friends keep telling me this is normal. Is it? Good grief…I prefer laughing… Seriously, it’s silly in my head…he’s moving down the street basically. And not even until mid August! He’s not dying, he’s not sick, he’s healthy and amazing so why is this so freakin hard? Lame! ūüėČ...

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Simple Perspective on Leadership

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…finding ways to communicate with clarity and consistency is an art!

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Goals vs. Well Designed Outcome

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According to Webster’s, a goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Awesome! ¬†However, what I find difficult is the relentless pursuit of a goal without any direction. ¬†I have a goal of say to lose 15 pounds. That’s great, however, I tend to get stuck with the how am I going to attain this goal. ¬†I’m not sure the plan is actually talked about enough. ¬†Recently I discovered a new word grouping, well-designed outcome rather than or in addition to the “goal”. ¬†A well designed outcome is includes the how… Thanks Academic Life Coaching!...

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We all have them, we all love them, we all can relate to colors and in some ways, their meanings. For example, red can be power, stop or even anger, blue can be calming or clearing, yellow, happy or bold, green, money or go, purple spirituality or freedom. We all can easily associate color with something, a feeling even. Well, the other day during a coaching session I found myself describing my personality in color. Many times I am perceived as red and fiery, however, my desire is to exude blue. By utilizing a coaching tool, my coach was able to carry me through a structure that enabled me to recognize what caused me to show up red and what enabled me to lean more into being more blue. As much as I don’t want to admit it, red carries much more resistance to being heard than blue does. If you think about it for a second it makes sense. By conciously choosing what “color” to show up, provides the opportunity to be who you want to be and provide the greatest...

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Ahhhh coaching class

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Yet another venture in pursuit of acquiring credibility in the coaching world, only to realize, I’m not sure I want to coach anymore. I still want the credibility, however. So, I continue to take steps forward and toward licensure. Yesterday during an impromptu coaching session, I discovered that I really love coaching clients with a burst of energy and only once. ¬†Kind of like an espresso shot. You only have one of those per day typically, whereas you could sip coffee all day. I am….a shot of espresso at my core! Super fast, super efficient and uber exciting and enthusiastic. So now, how to mold that and adapt that to my coaching style, then, maybe pursue consulting for sustainability. hmmmm….ponderous thoughts as I continue to journey. ūüôā So...

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Lately, I’m bored! Out of my mind actually. Yet at the same time I feel a deep sense of peace that this “bored” feeling is exactly where I am supposed to be. I’m growing, changing, morphing, digging, exploring and thinking ALOT. Mostly thinking about what I really want, where I really want to go, what I want this next phase of life to look like as I approach being an empty nester. I’m only 42 for crying out loud, I’m young with a ton of life left and will be a mere 44 when both my kids are off in college. Then what? Well, I actually have a very loose plan of sorts, for once in my life. My plan is to begin building a foundation of a consulting and coaching practice so that when the kids are off, I can begin to purpose my dream. I have a one tracked mind, I’ve learned this through my boredom. I can only do one thing at a time and raising kids is¬†my one thing. I sucked at first, but over the last few years, I think I’ve made great progress in my parenting and domestications. It amazes me the moms who have kids, especially the ones with little bitty kids, and are single handedly changing the world through blogs, or business. It blows! my! mind! As for me, working full-time and being a parent even with my husband is like truly beyond my capabilities. Call me lazy, crazy, dumb whatever, but I can’t split my efforts. It literally takes everything out of me to parent well or even slightly dysfunctionally well! Regardless, I am somewhat enjoying my boredom. It’s helping me look at things differently and helping me find more creative ways to live. I’ve even done a few crafts, like I made a wreath for Christmas…what the heck…yes…a wreath…that’s soooooo not like me, but it was sooooo much fun, and I felt very mom and domesticated…lol!! OH…and I’m almost finished Christmas shopping and it’s still early in November!! So odd….but anyway….off to find something to do or learn more about myself as I “lay a foundation and...

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Thinking vs Believing

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Thinking resides in the head. Believing resides in the heart. ¬†When I say I believe something, I am beginning to wonder if I actually do. ¬†If I really believed it with my heart, then wouldn’t it make it easier to live in the place of belief and actually follow through? ¬†Or if I say I think this or that…then it hasn’t dropped enough to actually get to the point of movement yet. ¬†I’m still sitting with it, or contemplating it. ¬†For example, I just wrote, I believe we are all created on purpose, with purpose, for a purpose and are loved and accepted exactly where we are, how we are flaws and all; however, if I truly believe that to be truth, then why is it so difficult to actually live as though it is true? ¬†If I truly and deeply believe I am loved and accepted no matter what by my creator, then I would choose to live differently, more fearlessly, without concern of what others thought about me. Thinking vs Believing…marinations of my mind and...

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