My journey of leaning in to my emotions as a parent as all our family transitions into this next season of his life as my two children leave the nest.

College Freshman – Room Mates Mom

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No helicoptering, no decisions made, no irrational weird mom overprotection, rather, two women, getting to know one another as we are letting go of our first borns.

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College Freshman – First Post – Broken nose

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I continue to remind myself this is a good thing and looking back will be awesome, however, for now, it still hurts! And navigating that pain is…well…kind of sucky and at the same time pretty awesome to see fruits of my mommy labor!

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Senior Son – College Freshman – Graduation Party

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…growing up is hard whether adult or kid, however, life is better connected to community.

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Senior Son – Twenty. Four. Hours.

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tomorrow, at 10am, Senior Son becomes College Freshman! ….and the story continues!!! 😉

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Senior Sons last week of highschool

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I seriously feel like an emotional basket case. Is this normal? Holy crap! I would consider myself a slightly emotional person with a lot of fire who basically can logically move through life. Well, this isn’t computing I don’t guess and it has me all ramped up emotionally. It takes a lot to get me teary; mostly because I can categorize things and make sense of life events. I rarely cry because it just doesn’t make sense to me. May sound odd, however, I get contemplative, but seldom feel emotions prompting tears. Also, I look like a frog and my face contorts in awesome ways so I try to limit the exposure of tears especially to others for such reason. Regardless, I’m at a loss of how to handle this emotion. It’s odd. I keep trying to blame it on 40 year old hormones, but friends keep telling me this is normal. Is it? Good grief…I prefer laughing… Seriously, it’s silly in my head…he’s moving down the street basically. And not even until mid August! He’s not dying, he’s not sick, he’s healthy and amazing so why is this so freakin hard? Lame! 😉...

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Senior Son’s first game – last season

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Phillipians 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

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Senior Son – update

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WOW…it’s been way too long! Well, he broke up with his girlfriend, and has chosen his college to attend next year! I shall elaborate on both. First, the girlfriend. Sometimes it’s so hard to balance stepping in as a mom and being ok with where things stand. My job, in my eyes at this point, is to be a detached voice of reason and appointed question asker. I’m a coach…what does he expect. The end goal, independence, passion and joy! Regardless, parenting through a girlfriend is fascinating. It actually seemed to begin to crumble from the beginning. It seemed obvious to me that he was way more into her that she was into him. In fact looking back all the way to prom last year, her response to him asking her to prom was, “you’re like my brother”. Enough said… little by little, my growing son realized on his own that he was exerting far more effort to make things work that she was and let the relationship go. I’m proud of him. He’s heartbroken which is hard to watch, however, proud that he realizes when something doesn’t fit right now. She’s awesome, however, perhaps not the best fit for him. On to college. First of all, Senior Son applied to 7 colleges and was accepted to 6. I couldn’t be more proud! Second, trying to choose between 6 colleges was uber exciting! 🙂 He originally was completely sold on attending George Mason so chose to apply there first. I then suggested he apply to anywhere he could possibly imagine himself so off he went, 7 applications later he waited for the acceptance letters to come in. He floundered between Auburn and Liberty for a while until he finally decided…Auburn. We submitted all the moneys and acceptances as necessary and of course, being Auburn fans, we were super stoked!!! However, we decided to go VCU and check out their Open House. Glad we did, Senior Son discovered a whole new world and decided he was completely sold on going to VCU Arts school IF he was accepted. There was a problem, however. Senior Son had originally applied to the Cinema School, but after open house realized he was better suited for the Photo/Film school. After a few phone calls, several emails, and quickly putting together a portfolio (while on a beach trip) he changed his major and resubmitted his application. FOUR days later…not kidding! he was was accepted to VCU Arts. Less than a week later he was accepted to George Mason and as a parent I just wanted him to be absolutely positive of his choice. Getting a Bachelors in Fine Arts concentrating in Film is very niche, and his concerns of providing a decent income for his family are valid, therefore, I suggested making an appointment with the Director of Film at the school to ask questions about any concerns he may have so he did just that. During that appointment, the deal was sealed! I’m so proud of him!!! Attending VCU Arts School is one of the top Public Art Schools in the country. And I must brag…in a portfolio, one is supposed to submit multiple mediums including film, photo, and drawing at least, however, Senior Son submitted film and photo only. The Director was stunned...

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Senior Son makes cookies for class

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There are a few things that I hoped to be able to check off the list of “Make sure he can do this…” list. One of which is to be able to make something to eat for himself other than Ramen Noodles. Well, mission accomplished…he made shortbread cookies for his Latin class. I believe this qualifies….CHECK!...

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Senior Son – ahhh the holidays!

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Happy New Year! Well, the holidays got the best of me and here I am just now sitting down to write a post almost 2 months later. So let’s see what’s happened between now and then…alot of chaos…that’s what. We traveled and celebrated Christmas with family in the deep south, enjoyed a few babies, saw lots of family and toured Auburn University. We gave and received tons of gifts and shopped til we dropped. Then we drove home 15 hours. Unfortunately, the babies seemed to take precedence over all the festivities. I’m totally fine with them taking center stage, however, this was the last Christmas with Senior Son living at home. I can’t imagine him not being home for Christmas, but who knows…he’s an adult and once he moves out, he has a choice. My heart hurts a little at the thought! Regardless, the one thing we will not do next year is spend Christmas morning with the little ones until they are a bit older. My kids need the last few years of being able to still be kids. We shall enjoy at home just the 4 of us going forward and all the rest of the days will be completely dedicated to the little ones. They are pretty darn adorable I must say and I miss them terribly! Christmas is always a blast with the Stanfield’s and lots of memories made each year! Looking forward to doing it again next year!...

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Senior Son – another “chat”

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So lately Senior Son has been a bit of a slacker! He works part-time so his chore list decreased significantly, however, we made a deal. The deal was that whenever I asked him to do something he would cheerfully do it within a reasonable amount of time. Well, that reasonable amount of time turned into a very inconvenient amount of time and that cheerful attitude turned into a scowl and a huff! Then I said that’s enough. Yesterday afternoon he wanted a little snack from Panda Express. Whenever he wants Panda, I take it as an opportunity to speak into his life AND have a little fun. The conversation went like this: Me: Um, let’s chat Him: k Me: So you’re an adult now right? Him: mhmm {with slight grin} Me: So remember when we changed your chores up? Him: yes Me: Remember the stipulations? Him: yes Me: Well I’m not feelin it. It’s taking you forever to follow through and your attitude is as if I’ve asked you to move a mountain and I need you to begin acting like an adult. {silence} I felt a little shame happening and at the same time a little excitement that I called him an adult and now have these “adult” expectations of him.  I proceeded to tell him that as he gets older, so are his dad and I and as an adult you have certain responsibilities, such as seeing things and just doing it, i.e. taking out trash, fixing something that is broken, taking care of remedying a situation for his dad. I told him that as dad gets older, not that it’s “expected”, however, its the “right” thing to do to help his dad do additional tasks around the house. That’s what responsible adults do.  He kind of grinned, then we went to Ross and bought a very cool jacket then to Panda drive through for some yummy chinese food!  I love that kid! He’s so stinking adorbs! Doesn’t say a whole lot, but I know that boy is thinking a lot!! He thinks, absorbs and marinates some more then follows through most of the time. I’ve grown to not expect many words. When he wants to talk, he will, but he usually “talks” to his dad, “the nurturer” in our household. I received a text the first time he wore his new jacket, “I feel so high class with my jacket”.  I agreed.  Senior son is definitely continuing to become a very awesome grown up who still likes to play!...

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