2TheCore Family Plan - Hands Stacked on White BackgroundDesigned to maximize the family dynamic for exceptional movement into the future as a family unit.  To unite collectively and bond deeply enabling accountability and exceptional growth together.

If you are ready to ignite your entire family, then hold on!  Combining the WAKE UP Plan and the UNIT Plan to catapult your family into an amazing future.

Family Awareness

  • Understand your uniqueness
  • Emotional Intelligence

Past family beliefs

  • Know each other
  • Writing your story

Direction and focus

  • Time Management
  • Encourage and Motivate

Respecting and Relating

  • Respecting Differences
  • Individual needs


  • Listening Well
  • Being Proactive

Passion and Purpose

  • Core Family Value
  • Develop Family Mission Statement

Pursuit and Accountability

  • Responsibility you carry
  • Support each other


$950/family for 10 hours of group and/or individual coaching—there is an additional $30 fee for a required personality profile test for each family member above age 12.