9373937_mlThe WAKE UP Program is a comprehensive 12 week program designed for those people who desire more. Are you beginning a new phase of life and are looking for clarity of purpose and calling? Before going off to spend thousands of dollars trying to determine what you want to be when you grow up, this program will help you discover your passion and purpose and get off on the right foot ahead of the game.

Choices and Beliefs

  • Dispel false beliefs
  • Positive and negative influences
  • Accountability and friend selection
  • What is your brick wall?
  • Unpacking false beliefs
  • Feelings are just feelings
  • Being understood
  • Time management
  • Self worth and value
  • Positive self talk

Passion and Purpose

  • Uncover passion
  • Clarify Core Value
  • Discover the leader in you
  • Develop Mission Statement

Clarity and Focus

  • Goal Setting
  • Action Plan
  • Dream Big and write a Vision
  • The responsibility you carry into the future
  • Accountability for your future plan
  • Show up

Authenticity and Vulnerability

  • Discover your authentic self
  • Learn what it really means to be vulnerable
  • Being unique may come at a cost
  • Taking off the masks
  • Looking at the current culture

Communication and Relationships

  • Accountability in community
  • Communicate and relate more effectively

  • Utilizing personality profile
  • Respecting others’ differences
  • Proper social media etiquette
  • How others see you
  • Relational Leadership
  • Service from the Heart
  • Listening well
  • Boundaries
  • Teamwork / Family Fun
  • Serving Together from the heart
  • Asking for what you need


$300/student for 12 hours of instruction, minimum 6 students—this includes workbook and personality profile testing.