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Well, here we go.

I met with College Freshman’s soon to be room mate’s MOM!!! YES! MOM! I didn’t know her or anyone that knew her…no mutual friends at all whatsoever and she lives in about 3 hours away. So fun! So random! Two of my favorites!

It began with Facebook. She friended me. CF (College Freshman) texted me and told me to accept, so I did. Next thing you know we are meeting for dinner. Crazy….

Honestly, my first thought was, is this healthy? Is this normal? Is this stepping into CF’s space? I mean they are going to college, they are independent, they are adults now who need to find their own way. Right? Then…after counsel and consideration…they are boys…the end. No helicoptering, no decisions made, no irrational weird mom overprotection, rather, two women, getting to know one another as we are letting go of our first borns.

We spoke of our boys and their likes and dislikes, we gathered information about one another of our likes and dislikes and mostly, about our faith. She is from Costa Rica and a very faithful spirit led Catholic, I simply have a relationship with my Lord, yet, we speak the same language about prayer and our faith. Refreshing! She prayed for our boys to be together just as I have and only time will tell where HE leads them and us. I. Am. Thrilled.

Our families will meet for breakfast upon her return from Costa Rica which I’m sure will be uber awkward, but we decided to get the awkwardness out of the way prior to move in day sometime in August!!! 🙂

CHEERS to awkward and CHEERS to new friends!! Woohoo!!