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Well, I think I finally accomplished the first letting go “layer”. WOOHOO!! I no longer am attached to where SS chooses to attend college! Freedom! I’m no longer attached to what he chooses to major in. While sad, I’m FREE!! Then, another biggy…I’m super excited about him having a girlfriend. If he’s happy, I’m happy! And she really is a great girl! Additionally, I know her fam and they too are great. Win-Win and a big dollop of more freedom! Now, I have to let go of my son all together. Like, his heart, and all the grieving of raising him and the realization that he is an adult with adult decisions to make and I no longer have the responsibility of shaping and molding his heart. It’s a mourning process that I choose to embrace and walk through in hopes of having ridiculous freedom to love him more and better. He truly is the most amazing young man a mom could ask for in this world. Now to walk through and watch him flourish into the man God created him to be. And that is what really struck me most through all this process. If I’m controlling, then where is God? I must let go so God can work. Once I did, SS totally began to grow more and became more confident in his decisions. Oddly enough, his decisions are aligning with a couple of the things I hoped for him too. 🙂  Life is good all the time!