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Senior Son turned 18 in June.  Following a mission trip myself, Senior Son and Sophomore daughter took to Brazil, I informed him he had to get a job.  I, myself, began working at age 11 as a babysitter.  Later at 15 I worked at a pizza place and really held a job on some capacity on and off ever since.  Even now, I work very part-time at a YMCA just because.  All this to say, have a legit job does something to you.  Senior Son has had many random side gigs like mowing grass, babysitting for the church, working in yards, and his favorite, taking and editing videos for people all which provided a little extra cash here and there.  However, I feel it to be very important to actually have to hold a legit job.  One where you have to apply and interview for then fill out paperwork and a W2, pay taxes and actually have a boss and coworkers.  Senior Son likes to be busy, but doesn’t like to fail or be disappointed.  He likes to please others and have fun.  None the less, he needed a real part-time job.  I suggested several places and he even applied to others not suggested to be continually met with resistance from these employers.  Then, there was this one.  I gently persisted he reach out and even drop by.  He did.  And finally, he got a real part-time job.  He’s now working at a nice Country Club as a gofer basically.  When golfers show up, he sets them up with their cart, takes their clubs and places them in their appropriate spot and provides whatever they may need to enjoy their golf game that day.  I imagine he’s excellent given his charming extroverted personality.  His first day he came home with $20 in tips after 5 hours of work in addition to his hourly wage.  He also learned of the perks that come with this job…free golf anytime and free food when on the clock.  Persistence pays off. Even though it was hard to be gentle about suggesting he persist, I did it, more importantly he did it!  The verdict is still out on whether he really likes it or not, I just keep reminding him of those perks! 🙂