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WOW! Graduation….no words really. It wasn’t my finest day for me. Dynamics of family took over and sadly I gave in to old behaviors of irritability and frustration as I not only tried to manage my emotions, but also made a poor attempt to placate family. Not one family but two…my husbands parents, and mine. A doozy. Next time, just don’t. lol.

However, the next day was golden….Senior Son/College Freshman’s Graduation Party.

At least 60 invites were sent out both local and out of state and around 90 people showed up to his party to show their love and support for MY KID! What? Yes…I was in shock and awe. Not because people came to my house to consume large amounts of food and enjoy plenty of fun, but because they came FOR my kid. Of course, they are also friends of ours from church, but primarily adults that he personally invited. Amazing. My brother-in-law who lives out of state later shared that College Freshman was impressed and awestruck himself and felt things couldn’t have gone any better! Again, so proud!

FYI, if you want to really have an awesome party to remember, plan on corn hole competitions. The men stayed occupied for hours and there was a healthy dose of competitive jeering included with a double elimination bracket! College Freshman’s suggestion of course!

I must include Sophomore Daughter here…she provided the graphic design for the invitations as well as all party design implementation and execution. You’ll be hearing lots more about her very soon! Especially as she transitions into being the only child at home and goes from Sophomore Daughter to Junior Daughter next week! 🙂

Bottomline…growing up is hard whether adult or kid, however, life is better connected to community. Our church friends have had great impact in my kids lives and I’m beyond grateful! When you surround your kids with awesome healthy adults, your kids have a much greater opportunity to grow into awesome healthy adults! God always provides and since I decided to have children 19 years ago, my prayer has been to be open to allowing other like minded people to help me raise my kids…again, I couldn’t be more proud and I am incredibly blessed! If you aren’t connected to your community, I pray you find ways to open yourself up and risk getting to know people on a deeper level. You won’t regret it, for your kids sake!