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Twenty. Four. Hours.

In 24 hours I will be toting my adorable eldest baby to his graduation ceremony. Hard to believe!

Senior Son becomes College Freshman as of this time tomorrow and I’m thrilled for him. I honestly think he could care less and would rather avoid the pomp and circumstance, however, this rite of passage is important. HE is important to be celebrated. My mommy heart is about to explode with pride for this kid ‘o mine!

From infancy he has delighted people around him and always gone out of his way to ensure others are smiling. He tried to give the shirt off his back to someone quadruple his size and was wheeling and dealing gathering “big money” (quarters) from strangers pockets with his charm all by age 3. His charm is what landed him in a small private school most of his education. As his mom, I knew that being in big classrooms with all his cute face and personality could provide the swift opportunity to charm his way through school, however, in a smaller Christian setting I concluded, would prevent some of this and allow him to at least not fall through the cracks and maybe learn along the way. Well, instead, he became the class clown and while teachers did in fact adore him, they also found ways to discipline him helping him thrive….at least most of the time. Due to several moves, Senior Son switched schools 9 times between 5K and 12th grade and has MANY friends to prove it. Everywhere he goes, he swiftly makes friends and often times becomes the highlight of his surroundings. By high school, however, he was being smothered and needed to spread his wings. After almost failing his freshman year of high school in his last private school, I concluded it best to let him fly from the small environment nest and fly into the large public education system. It’s been tough in some ways and amazing in others. I’m proud to say his biggest accomplishment is going from an average C student for most of his education excluding his freshman year, to putting his awesome outside-the-box brain (and charm) to work and tomorrow he will graduate with honors! I couldn’t be prouder! He learned how to set academic goals and achieve them rather than focusing on entertaining as much all the while learning to hone that “charm” and respectfully and effectively use it when necessary. As he moves on to college, I look forward to watching him climb higher as he leans even more into his amazing gifts and talents and pursues his passion in film and video! Watch out YouTube…He may just film the next sensation as he soars through his college experience! 🙂

So with a huge smile on my face and tears in my eyes….. tomorrow, at 10am, Senior Son becomes College Freshman!

….and the story continues!!! 😉