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Well, a lot has actually happened since my last post. Senior Son now has become more serious with the “date” from earlier post. She has gone away to school, however, the relationship remains. She’s been home twice since school began and I didn’t see SS the entire 4 days she was in town. It’s all good, she’s a very good girl!

Aside from the girlfriend, things are continually focused on college. As his mom, I feel certain my 42 years of life has significantly more experience and knowledge than his 18 years and clearly my mommy radar stands head and shoulders above his teen undeveloped frontal lobe radar. Therefore, I can clearly see his gifts and talents far better than he can and of course I can “guide” him in the direction he should go way better than he could guide himself. However…I’m learning, maybe I shouldn’t.

Recently it has been brought to my attention a particular school that I think SS really needs to check out potentially for a film major.  Currently one of his good friends goes to school there for music, but it wasn’t on my radar until I happened to look up their website.  SS has mixed feelings about what he should major in, however, I know for sure he is quite gifted and passionate about filming, editing, writing and directing.  It only seemed logical that he would at least want to consider a visit to this college to check it out.  Much to my dismay, upon suggestion, I was met with quite a bit of resistance.  The travel is over 8 hours to visit but isn’t it worth it when considering the rest of your life?  Regardless, I persisted in a very direct way like I usually do and eventually caved, tucked tail and decided to act like a 3 year old by pouting and saying, “fine, figure it out yourself, I’m done!”  I have since come around to acting 42 again, however, the hurt of realizing that this truly isn’t my decision, it’s his, is painfully resting in my soul.

That post a while back called Letting Go….yeh….I’m still learning!