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I seriously feel like an emotional basket case. Is this normal? Holy crap!

I would consider myself a slightly emotional person with a lot of fire who basically┬ácan logically move through life. Well, this isn’t computing I don’t guess and it has me all ramped up emotionally. It takes a lot to get me teary; mostly because I can categorize things and make sense of life events. I rarely cry because it just doesn’t make sense to me. May sound odd, however, I get contemplative, but seldom feel emotions prompting tears. Also, I look like a frog and my face contorts in awesome ways so I try to limit the exposure of tears especially to others for such reason. Regardless, I’m at a loss of how to handle this emotion. It’s odd. I keep trying to blame it on 40 year old hormones, but friends keep telling me this is normal. Is it? Good grief…I prefer laughing…

Seriously, it’s silly in my head…he’s moving down the street basically. And not even until mid August! He’s not dying, he’s not sick, he’s healthy and amazing so why is this so freakin hard? Lame! ­čśë